• Egobasic TW4F3 Smart Watch Notifier Watch Womens Luxury Wristwatch Bluetooth Touch Screen for Android Phones and IOS Phones (Silver)
Watch case diameter: 33.5mm
Watch band width: 14mm
Thickness: 9.8mm
Wrist circumference: 195mm
Battery type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery capacity: 45mAh
Charging time: around 90 minutes
Standby time: >1 month
Efficient working time: 6 -8 days
Efficient Bluetooth working distance: 10M/30ft
OLED display: 96*32
Weight: 57g (2.01oz)
Weight with retail box: 182g (6.42oz)
You will receive:

1x Smart wristwatch
1x 2-pin clip charger
1x English user manual


Q1. What languages does this smart watch support?
A1. It syncs the languages of your mobile phone. Literally it supports all languages.

Q2. Does it support IOS or Android?
A2. Yes, it supports Android4.3 / iOS7.0 and above systems.

Q3. Is it waterproof?
A3. Yes, it is IP65general waterproof. You don't have to remove the watch while washing your hands. But we do not suggest you to put it in water.

Q4. Is there any special feature for this smart watch?
A4. Yes, the usage time is 6-8days, and the standby time is more than one month which is best in smart watches. For emergency, charge for 10 minutes can give 3 days of usage.

Q5. Does it have Heart Rate Monitor?
A5. Sorry it does not have Heart Rate Monitor. Most Heart Rate Monitors of smart watches are inaccurate. We minus this function to increase usage time and standby time.

Q6. Can I change the strap of this smart watch?
A6. Yes, like the normal watches, you can change it in watch shop.

Q7. Dose it supports voice function?
A7. Sorry, it does not support voice.

Specially designed for ladies with ion Plating Rose Silver finish case and bracelet. Gorgeous Zirconia inlaid bezel and Refined round dial watch face

Built-in rechargeable battery with use time 6-8 days (standby time > 1 month),which is best in smart watches

View notifications- Get messages, calendar, email and social notifications. Discrete vibrations notify you of incoming calls, messages, emails and any app alerts, which can then be dismissed after several seconds

Function: Notification, alarm clock, watch, message notify, message reminder, call reminder, date display, pedometer

Custom user pattern and dealer LOGO, perfect gift for company, friends or family, you can customize the text or pattern such as "Happy Birthday" to show off yourself or company LOGO!

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Egobasic TW4F3 Smart Watch Notifier Watch Womens Luxury Wristwatch Bluetooth Touch Screen for Android Phones and IOS Phones (Silver)

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